Lawnton is a suburb that takes 3.6 sq mi of Queensland’s Moreton Bay Region. Its name was given by the Queensland rail after they acquired the area. The name Lawnton came from its former landowner - Stephen Lawnton. The place is easy to remember since the Gympie road -  a major road of Brisbane - crosses this area. Lawnton serves as the south of North Pine River.


With one of the major roads of Brisbane crossing this area, going to the Central Business District is easier. The industrial estate and retail and commercial businesses along this road provided the locals with employment and services. Everything is close to the area. With just a few minutes away, work and play can be handled simultaneously.


Lawnton has a variety of businesses and services, such as:


  • Electricians 
  • Electrical contractors
  • Mechanics
  • Automotive engineers
  • Solar energy
  • Lawyers
  • Signwriters
  • Different pest controls
  • Health centres
  • Physical and fitness centres
  • Welding works
  • Air conditioning services


Nevertheless, mixed farming, milling, and blacksmithing were vast in this town before it was turned to a residential area. The farms were subdivided and turned as residential lots to cater suburban housings. Now, the office head of Super Retail group is in Lawnton.


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