Marine Electrician in Redcliffe, Bribie Island, Newport Qld

Do you know that not all electricians are licensed and skilled to handle marine electrical fixes? Only licensed marine electricians in Redcliffe, Bribie Island and Newport QLD are allowed by law to handle this for you.


Why Deception Bay Electrical for Your Marine Electrician Needs in Redcliffe, Bribie Island and Newport?


Ensure that your marine vessel's electrical system is efficient and in good working condition before sailing out into the waters. This guarantees no electrical malfunctions will happen, thus preventing life risks that can spoil the fun of your boat ride.


Here at Deception Bay Electrical, we can wire, install and provide maintenance for all your marine vessel's electrical system needs. This includes:


  • Sailboats
  • Tug boats
  • Powerboats
  • Yacht
  • Pontoons
  • Ships
  • Wharves


We repair and install all types of electrical and marine generators in the Deception Bay area including Redcliffe, Bribie Island and Newport QLD. Read on to know the different marine electrical maintenance and repair services we can deliver.

Our Marine Electrician Repair and Maintenance Services in Redcliffe, Bribie Island and Newport QLD


As an expert marine electrician in QLD, we are able to assist you with the following marine electrical repair and maintenance works:


  • Construction of main and auxiliary parallel circuit boards, as well as
  • Automatic function boards,  e.t.c
  • Infrared  Thermography  to the electrical domain  (Wirings & Electric Cupboards Control,  defective connections, a bad dimensioning cables/load,  electromotors etc...)
  • Inspection and  repair of pneumatic systems, air circuit Breakers and all safeties of the electrical machinery (reverse power, over current release) and simulation breakers with electric unit, as well as electronic systems (except  telecommunication)
  • Motors and generators circumvolution, AC, DC every type (ISO 9001:2008)
  • Repairs, maintenance and overhauling of electrical machinery.
  • Repair and installation of automatic control and operative systems (alarms, inner gas, boiler e.t.c).
  • Repairs, supply and installation of AVR generators of every type


Efficient planning and installation is key to a good system for your marine vessel. Let a professional marine electrician in Redcliffe, Bribie Island and Newport do the job for you. Contact, us today