Top 5 Electrical Repair Emergencies in North Lakes and Burpengary

Can you imagine doing your day-to-day activities without electricity?

That would be a nightmare! Just thinking of yourself doing the laundry and dishwashing manually can already drive someone crazy. Thus, it is vital to know someone who will be there when you need them, where you need them.

Why? Because now matter how cautious you may be, there are just some electrical problems that cannot be prevented but needs immediate actions.

What are the top 5 electrical repair emergencies commonly encountered in North Lakes and Burpengary? Here is a list for you to be aware of:


This is a very common electrical emergency in every establishment that has electrical network and just happens only for a minute. It is normally caused by damaged wires with poor installation such as faulty appliances.

When you observed this for quite some time already then there’s really a matter with your network.

Another common cause of surges is lightning.

In fact, last February 2018, a severe thunderstorm swept through Brisbane leaving 130,000 homes without power.

A boy was shocked while taking a shower after lightning struck nearby his house in Ferny Grove. He was conscious and breathing but suffering from a leg pain.

In this manner, you have to treat this a serious issue and consider an electrical repair before it damage other appliances. Call us 04 1775 8860.


Electrical burning smells can be quickly noticed.

These are created from melting insulation of the electric wires due to too much heat generated inside the wires.

Burning smells occur when there is more current flowing through the electrical network of your homes that the wires can bear and may cause electrical fires.

Another reason is when elements of your heating system accumulated layer of dust.

When turning on the heat after months of being unused, the dust will burn off. Then it will release a different smell that will circulate through your ductwork and home.

To avoid burning smells, it’s always best technicians to do the repair and other maintenance needs.

Contact us at 04 1775 8860 for an immediate electrical repair to keep your loved ones safe.


Sparks and smoke may occur when plugging electrical devices in the power outlet.

Does this happen frequently?

This may be a sign of wire damage in the electrical network. And ignoring this may cause danger to your entire household or commercial property.

Sparks and smokes from the outlets are normally caused by:

  • Short circuit
  • Water damage
  • Old age
  • Faulty repair

What should you do when this happens?

Immediately turn the breaker off if you notice smoke coming out from the outlet. Leave your home and report a possible electrical fire.

Most importantly, call a professional to do the repair. Let him handle and address that electrical issue.

Call for an emergency electrical repair in North Lakes and Burpengary before worst scenario happens. Save our number: 04 1775 8860.


What are signs of outlet damaged wires?

Light colored outlets might show clear signs of damaged wires. Dark marks on the plastic of the electrical outlets are clear indication of the damaged wires in your electrical network. Remember both of these signs to know if you have damaged wires in your electrical system.

How to keep your family safe when these happens?

Unplug all the electrical devices then immediately call for an electrical emergency repair. Call us at 04 1775 8860.


Does your electrical device get hot too when plugged to an outlet frequently? This is a sign that there is a problem with your electrical network. Immediately report your concern with one of our licensed electricians in North Lakes and Burpengary to request an emergency electrical repair.


Neglecting all these might not only damage appliances but can be a cause of an electrical fire.

Without second thoughts, immediately consult professional electricians to prevent further damage.

Call Deception Bay Electrical at 04 1775 8860. We will take care of everything to protect your home and your loved ones.