We are halfway through 2019 and if you haven’t thought of upgrading your electrical switchboard, then it’s high time you do.

Why you should have an electrical switchboard upgrade this 2019


What is an electrical switchboard?


Electrical switchboards are a vital part of our electrical layout system. Whether it be in a residential or commercial structure. Switchboards are responsible for the safety regulation of power within our appliances.


Most people think, especially the elderly, that electrical switchboards installation is a one-time thing. They’re not aware that when the demand for power supply increases, an upgrade must be done. This is especially true with the increasing number of gadgets that we now use in our homes and offices. 


Why are electrical switchboards important?


Electrical switchboards are the receiver of electrical power from the electrical power company. It distributes that power from one source to another. 


It is consists of different electrical panels. These panels have switches that redirect the electricity. Its main purpose is to control the flow and division of power that is released on each panel. 

Why should you do an electrical switchboard upgrade in Redcliffe and Narangba?

There are many reasons why you should do an electrical switchboard upgrade for your homes and offices in Redcliffe and Narangba. This includes the following:


1. There is a growing demand for power

The advancement of our technology results in increasing gadgets and appliances. These things that help us in our daily routines need the power to work. 


A steady power supply is needed to avoid damaging these appliances and gadgets. Moreover, with the physical changes happening to these electronic devices, thus these new plugs may not actually be compatible with your old and traditional switchboard. 


As a result, you need to upgrade your electrical switchboard so it will be compatible with the latest designs of these devices, gadgets and appliances. 


2. It provides additional protection. 

As they say, you better prevent it before it’s terminal and prevention is definitely better than cure at all times. 


Fires and accidents due to electrical failure are heartbreaking as they can damage property and take lives. These mishaps usually happen with traditional switchboards because these old wirings are prone to shock and damage. 


These accidents and failures can now be prevented if you upgrade your switchboards to the latest models. This also entails regularly checking and updating your Redcliffe and Narangba’s home and office electrical wiring system. 


3. It delivers an enhance aesthetic look to your home and office.


Interior and exterior designs of houses nowadays are already improved. Thus, it follows that your electrical switchboards in Narangba and Redcliffe should also follow suite.


Old houses are now turned into modern designs. So you wouldn’t want to have an old rusty switchboard sitting hanging in your new designed wall right?

4. It is an absolute necessity based on government standard compliances.


The Australian government has rules regarding the electrical system in homes,offices and commercial spaces. These rules were made to enhance the living standard of the public in general. 


Fines and corresponding actions are given if you fail to comply. Thus, it is important to ensure you select a reputable electrical company that will work on the upgrade of your electrical switchboard system in Narangba and Redcliffe.

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