common marine electrical problems redcliffe newport


Sailing on a cruise is not an easy task, especially for the captain of the ship. Thus it is a must to ensure everything about the marine vessel is working efficiently. 


So before you go sailing, ensure you ask a qualified marine electrician to have a look at your yacht or boat. This guarantees you will not have unexpected problems in the middle of the ocean. 


What are the Common Marine Electrical Problems in Redcliffe and Newport?


As our technology is advancing so as the standards to different things. Safety standards in boats have already been amended. So most probably, if you have an old boat, it will not pass the current safety standards. It is important to be informed of the evolving safety standards with marine vehicles.


Inverter Installation

Inverters are now widely known. Not just in common home appliances but also in sailboats. The ability to convert a DC battery to an AC  power is given to the boaters. This makes it easier for them, however some are not skilled in properly installing these inverters. So it is best to ask a licensed electrician to do this for you. 

Battery Installation

Another common problem with boats is the battery installation. Just like in the installation of the inverter, it it is not properly set-up according to the safety standard and procedure, problems may arise. So the best thing to do is let the experts check on it. 


Safety and Installation of Lithium Battery

Installation of lithium battery on boats and attempts to use this technology is another common issue among sailboats.


Fighting and suppressing fire from LI-ON Battery can’t be done with any conventional extinguishers. Even though water can cool it down, it won’t fully stop until all the battery’s fuel is consumed. Remember, LION fire is a chemical fire, not an electrical fire. Thus, it is best to pack your sailboat with the safety devices that can easily cool it down should it explode.


Learn more about Lithium battery and sailboats here. 


Use of Nylon Tie-wraps in the Engine Room

Sure nylon tie-wraps can help to organise the wires in your boat’s engine room but these are heat-harden. They can eventually turn into a problem with prolonged use. It can become brittle and break due to extreme heat. Rubber coated metal clips are a better choice if you want to organise your engine’s wirings.


Electronics are Blinking Out

This is also one of the common problem encountered in sailboats. The electronics are blinking out especially when they are used for extended hours. This is due to a low supply of voltage spike in the electrical system.


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